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February 2nd, 2019

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Karen from University of Michigan Hospital Pediatrics Division - Ann Arbor, Michigan


Review of A Beautiful World and God Must Be Sleeping 


Good Afternoon,

I am lucky enough to work for a department at the University of Michigan who gave us today and tomorrow off due to the extreme cold temps and especially for those of us who don't work in departments that do life saving or life enhancing jobs, or one's that "cannot wait" for a couple of days. I don't think managing a picky mans calendar and planning meetings constitutes my risking my life or safety just to go be at work on the computer. All of that can wait, ha! ;)

Having the day off today gave me an opportunity to read through the last 2 chapters of the book God Must be Sleeping. Of course I had already read the first half of the book, not realizing when I ordered it, that I should have just order this one and I got two for the price of one so to speak, and better yet, wouldn't have  had to WAIT for the second book to arrive. Man that was a long wait, ha!


Like I said before, your writing is a style like none before you, and has the ability to put you right there, but pull you away quickly enough before you feel compelled to hop in your car in an attempt to locate every person who made such a beautiful soul feel so unworthy all of those years. 

My favorite chapter was the one where you went to see "Lynn" and then the one that contained the nervous breakdown as well.  Never in my life did I think that I would find Joy in someone having a nervous breakdown, but the reason for the Joy I felt for you was for you to find someone like Dr. Skinner who loved you and his work so much that he allowed you to FINALLY release all of that pain and start your journey of recovering from some of the most evil people, their words to you  and worse yet,  their sinful abusive actions towards you that I have read about in a very long time. Obviously I have been ignorant to how bad it really has been for so many for so many years.


Thanks be to God for sending people such as him into your life, for making your sister April just as special and as beautiful as you, and for the other glimpses of genuine love you received from say, even a beautiful little kitten with a heart like an angel. There's is no doubt in my mind that it was God that was with you and "SAVED" YOU at those times in your life when you were so broken, for the God I have grown to truly know and love (just really got this close to him the past couple of years myself, wish it had been years and years ago actually now that I "get it").  But I keep telling myself at least you finally figured it out Karen. 


Keep up all of your beautiful work, and I will keep checking in on your website to see what wonderful things you are doing and I will ask your sister on a regular basis how you are as well. When I read Chapter 12 the other day at my lunch break, I couldn't wait to tell your sister how I felt about it, how much it touched me and we actually kind of cried together a bit about it and about the part when you see her again after such a long time. She said, stop, your're gonna make me cry, I was already crying, but tears of joy for how it had all turned out. 


God made you for great things Gregg  Tyler Milligan, and I bet he is soooooooooooo very proud of who you are and what you have become. He knew all along that you were created for GREAT THINGS and especially with things like the "save one another" philosophy/campaign, for there is nothing any sweeter than to Love and Be Loved for just exactly who we are and the ultimate is being loved right where we are!!! We were created for Love, so it all makes sense! God gave you a heart like Jesus, and an ability to see beauty in things so many would find ugly or repulsive even or turn their heads and hearts away or outcast the person or thing all together because they don't "fit" societies and media's image of what beautiful or worthy really is. 


Keep writing such wonderful things, and until we get to meet in person...

Take care of yourself and your beautiful family!


Writing to you with such great admiration for all that you are and all that you have become,


Karen, Ann Arbor, MI

January 10, 2019

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Karen from University of Michigan Hospital Pediatrics Division - Ann Arbor, Michigan


Review of A Beautiful World and God Must Be Sleeping 


Good Morning,


Let me introduce myself to you. I am Karen Moore, I just joined the Department of Neurology where I am blessed to work very closely with your awesome sister April and we have what I call a peek a boo cubicle and workstation configuration, where we can peek through in between the two of us and chat, etc, the printers are located there also. She has been so amazing to me since I came here not only as a co-worker, but also as a wonderful friend already. 


We got to talking about you and your books and the family story and I ordered your book A Beautiful World, it came last weekend and I started reading it on Sunday and actually finished it last night, it was one of those "I couldn't put it down" situations. Then I ordered God Must Be Sleeping last night. I just have to hear the rest of the story, your story and about how you overcame it all to become the person you are today. You are an amazingly loving  person, that is obvious, and as I am gathering by reading other things about you online and talking with April, quite the accomplished person, father and husband too!


I really enjoyed your writing style and like I told April, you take a person "right there" with the story ,the feelings the emotions, the reader can feel them all, but then have a gift of moving away from it before it gets too painful for them and before they want to locate all the people who hurt you ALL and give them what they have coming ;)  


I am very much looking forward to reading the next book, and I will let you know when I finish it and what I thought of that one too. 


I think you need to eventually write a book about yourself and entitle it A Beautiful Soul, wow, you are awesome!!!


I am sending this email with much admiration of "who you are" and "who you have become", after such a painful and abusive childhood. My only wish for you would be that somehow we could give you back your childhood to live again and pain and abuse free this time, but, I guess if we did that, you wouldn't be the person you are today ey?


We none know why some of us have such painful journey's now do we? But all I know is, WOW, you have an amazing story to tell, and I am just so very happy for you that your life turned out as it has. I am so happy your mother was unsuccessful in her attempts/threats at taking your life,  and doing more damage to your siblings, especially my new sweet precious friend April ( I see why you love her so much, she's a gem) yikes, what a waste of such a wonderful human being and what a loss to people who love you like I know April does if mom would have been successful. 


Take care,

I hope to meet you in person someday!!

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