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NEW BOOK RELEASE: "Suffering to Fulfillment: Resilience and Liberation in a Beautiful World" - Coming 2024
Dear Esteemed Readers,
I am thrilled to introduce my forthcoming masterpiece, "Suffering to Fulfillment: Resilience and Liberation in a Beautiful World." At present, I'm diligently collaborating with my publishing team to ascertain the precise release date, and I am eagerly counting down the moments until I can share this invaluable information with you.
This book is a departure from my earlier works; it's a profound metamorphosis—a meticulous fusion of two literary gems: "A Beautiful World: One Son's Escape from the Snares of Abuse and Devotion" and "God Must Be Sleeping" (January 1, 2011). It's not a mere revision; it's a profound rebirth—an ascension akin to a phoenix soaring from the ashes of the narrative.
The Genesis of This Revelation
The spark that ignited this transformative journey was born from an unwavering passion—to unearth the concealed emotions and the secret chambers of my life story, not just recount it, but to allow you, dear reader, to vividly experience it. As you turn the pages, you won't merely be a passive reader; you'll become a trusted companion, journeying alongside me through the intricate corridors of struggle and the ultimate liberation.
Your Odyssey Begins
Within the hallowed pages of "Suffering to Fulfillment," you're invited on a profound and exhilarating journey—one forged in the crucible of adversity and illuminated by the brilliant radiance of triumph. This is not just a narrative; it's a vibrant testament to the unconquerable human spirit, a heartfelt tribute to unwavering faith, and an eloquent chronicle of love's transformative power. Each word has been meticulously chosen, imbuing the work with purpose and transforming it beyond storytelling—into something akin to a spiritual revelation.
A Covenant of Shared Experiences
As you navigate the intricacies of my life's tapestry, I hope that you will find echoes of your journey. I invite you to tap into the infinite reservoir of resilience, faith, and love that guided me through life's darkest valleys and loftiest summits. My deepest aspiration is for this book to serve as a mirror—a mirror that encourages you to contemplate your moral compass, sparks introspection, and illuminates the timeless themes of resilience and hope that defines your very existence.
Embark, Experience, Evolve
The book release is coming soon in 2024.   Within its pages, you will unearth profound truths—a guiding light that will illuminate your innate capacity to conquer life's tempests and flourish in the face of adversity.
I extend my deepest gratitude to you for choosing to embark on this extraordinary odyssey—a journey brimming with revelations, self-discovery, and revitalizing truths. I eagerly await your unique insights as you delve into this soul-stirring narrative.  Stay tuned to for updates on the release date.
Warm regards, 
Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan, In Resilience and Love. 



As I delve into the vivid tapestry of my own memories, there is one truth that resonates at the very heart of it all—a truth that I hold dear and wish to share with you, my dear readers. Jesus is responsible for all of this. In the forefront of this scene stands an ancient apple tree, its imposing stature a testament to the passage of time. Its gnarled branches stretch out like the arms of a guardian deity, offering a leafy canopy that once served as my shield against the emotional whirlwinds that frequented the halls of my childhood home. This tree, I believe, was placed here by divine providence, a gift from Jesus Himself, to provide solace and protection in the midst of life's storms. The rustling leaves, tenderly caressed by the whispering breeze, and the fractured sunlight that danced through the branches were a soothing balm to my soul. It was as if Jesus Himself orchestrated these natural elements to provide comfort and respite, drowning out the cacophony of heated words and tension that too often filled the air. Among the lush green leaves, sporadic hints of crimson symbolized not just resilience but the blood of Christ, a symbol of redemption and forgiveness. By my side stood Sambirdio, a silent but powerful presence. I firmly believe that Jesus had a hand in placing him there, for Sambirdio exuded a gentle strength that provided stability amidst the turbulent sea of my mother's emotions. He was more than a companion; he was a manifestation of Jesus's love, a rock on which I could lean when my world threatened to crumble. The ground beneath us, rich and fertile, absorbed not only our shared stories but also the weight of our fears and aspirations. It felt as though the very earth beneath us transformed, mirroring our emotional journey from chaos to peace whenever we sought refuge in this sacred alcove—a transformation I attribute to the divine grace of Jesus. In a corner of this tableau, the words "For Dad" and the etched year "2021" held a special resonance. They transformed into a heartfelt tribute, not just to a paternal figure, but to the enduring sanctuary that love and friendship could create, thanks to the teachings of Jesus. The apple tree and Sambirdio, in their harmonious unity, were more than just my sanctuary—they were tangible expressions of Jesus's love and care. They symbolized strength, love, and solace, reminding me that even in the midst of chaos, a sanctuary forged from the teachings of Jesus and the love of others awaited me. Now, as I share this tableau with you through words, I want you to feel the profound impact of Jesus's presence in my life—a presence that has guided me through the storms and illuminated my path with His grace. And as we delve deeper into the pages of this book, I invite you to explore the vivid imagery, narrative tension, and character arcs that have shaped my journey, all under the watchful eye of Jesus, who is responsible for all of this. --- This artwork, skillfully brought to life by the talented hands of Gregg Tyler II, to whom this book is dedicated, resonates with the vibrant hues of watercolors and colored pencils. It captures the essence of my boyhood memories in a way that words alone cannot express. I believe that Jesus guided Gregg's hands as he created this masterpiece, infusing it with His divine presence. In deep gratitude, I acknowledge my son, expressing, "Thank you, Son. You have always been 'Your Father's Artist' in so many ways, guided by the inspiration of Jesus. Forever, Dad."

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7th book release

A Symphony of Kinship: The Timeless Melodies of Dr. Milligan and G2

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the music industry, where trends flicker and fade like shooting stars, the story of Dr. Milligan and his son, G2, appears as a timeless narrative, echoing the enduring power of familial bonds and artistic evolution. This duo, a fusion of seasoned wisdom and youthful innovation, has crafted a musical journey that defies generational boundaries and reinvents the essence of collaboration.


Dr. Milligan, a name synonymous with musical versatility and depth, has been a cornerstone in the Midwest's musical milieu. His career, decorated with a plethora of live performances that have become the stuff of legend, showcases an artist who is not just performing but living each note, each rhythm. His journey, which began in the raw, vibrant years of his youth, has matured into a rich legacy, a testament to his unwavering passion for the craft.


Enter G2, Gregg Tyler Milligan II, a prodigy who has inherited his father's musical genes but has carved his own distinct path in the world of classical guitar. G2’s style, characterized by a delicate yet profound mastery of his instrument, brings a fresh perspective to their joint creations. His innovative approach to guitar playing complements his father's seasoned vocals and instrumentation, resulting in a blend that is both familiar and groundbreaking.


Their collaboration, birthed and nurtured in the intimate confines of their home basement studio, is more than just a familial bonding exercise; it is a testament to the power of shared passion and creative synergy. Here, surrounded by a rich array of musical instruments, they embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, turning each session into a canvas for their combined artistic expression.


The result of this partnership is a series of compositions that span a wide emotional and stylistic range. From the melancholic whispers of their ballads to the soaring crescendos of their rock-inspired anthems, each piece is a mosaic of their individual and collective artistic identities. Their music does not just speak; it resonates, echoing the deep-rooted connection between father and son.


For those eager to dive into this unique musical experience, Dr. Milligan's BandMix profile  serves as a gateway. It offers not just a glimpse into their world but an invitation to journey alongside them. Through their music, listeners are offered a rare opportunity to traverse a landscape where technical prowess meets emotional depth, where every chord and lyric is imbued with a distinctive touch.


In essence, Dr. Milligan and G2 represent more than just a musical duo; they are a living bridge between generations, a reminder that in the realm of music, time and age bend to the will of creativity and passion. Their story, rooted in familial love and artistic respect, stands as an inspiring beacon to musicians and music lovers alike, a demonstration that the true essence of music lies in its ability to connect, transform, and endure.

A Symphony of Kinship
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Step into the Shadowy Realms of Mousatonia: Discover 'The Curse of Pumpkinhead'

In the ever-evolving landscape of fantastical literature, Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan illuminates the genre with his latest creation, "The Curse of Pumpkinhead." This novel, a tapestry woven with spectral beauty and profound mysteries, beckons readers into the enchanting world of Mousatonia. More than just a story, it's a gateway to a realm where fantasy intertwines with themes of heroism, ancient enchantments, and secrets continued the winds of an ageless forest.

The Narrative's Heart

At the core of Mousatonia lies the poignant and captivating tale of G2, the brave yet untested heir of Castle de Mousatonia. Guided by the sagacious Matriarch Mousie and shadowed by a cryptic Patriarch, G2's odyssey surpasses mere adventure. It's a profound exploration of the soul, where echoes of the past beckon him to unravel a family curse that is intricately woven into his destiny and the very fabric of Mousatonia.

A Visual Odyssey by Gregg Tyler Milligan II

Journey through "The Curse of Pumpkinhead" with the entrancing illustrations of Gregg Tyler Milligan II. His artwork transcends mere visuals, opening doorways to the very spirit of Mousatonia. Each illustration is a symphony, perfectly in tune with the narrative's rhythm, bringing to life its most pivotal and enchanting moments.

Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan: A Maestro of Fantasy

Dr. Milligan, renowned for crafting immersive worlds, has previously mesmerized readers with works like "A Beautiful World" and "The Keepers." His latest and most profound narrative, “Suffering to Fulfillment,” released on October 13, 2023, showcases his unparalleled gift for storytelling.

Embark with the Mousatonia Kin

Delve into the world of "The Curse of Pumpkinhead." Join the vibrant #MousatoniaMagic community online. Participate in book clubs, art contests, and forums. Connect with a global fellowship of dreamers and narrators, all united by the magic of Mousatonia.

Discover the Novella

Find "The Curse of Pumpkinhead" on the SaveOneAnother© website.  Click here to download.

A Universe for Everyone

With a commitment to inclusivity, "The Curse of Pumpkinhead" welcomes readers across languages and perspectives, ensuring that no one is left behind in this journey through the mystical.

Echoes of the Future

Stay attuned to future revelations from Mousatonia. This is just the beginning of a saga brimming with life and untold mysteries. It could be a SERIES in the making!

In Appreciation

Our heartfelt thanks to the unsung heroes - editors, beta readers, and our devoted community. Your dedication and passion have been pivotal in bringing this project to life.

Join the Odyssey

Embrace the enchantment, dance with the shadows, and discover your hidden truths in the magical world of Mousatonia.

Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan, Author


The novella "Italy 2005 Journal," reimagined in 2023, unfolds as a living tapestry, weaving together the essence of discovery, the richness of artistry, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Crafted by Gregg Tyler Milligan II (GII) and further illuminated by his father, Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan, Col., USAF, this collaboration transcends the realm of traditional storytelling. With profound love and boundless enthusiasm, Dr. Milligan injects new vitality into the narrative, offering insightful critiques of his son's artwork and enriching the text with layers of literary prose. Born from a deeply emotive journey through Italy, this narrative extends far beyond the conventional travelogue, presenting a deeply personal lens through which to explore the evolution of art and emotion.


A Father-Son Odyssey: The Soul of Our Story


"The Father-Son Odyssey" prelude beckons readers into a realm of discovery that reflects the majestic landscapes of Italy against the intimate landscapes of the heart and soul. It transforms the narrative from a simple journey across terrains into a profound voyage of emotional and artistic rebirth. Vivid anecdotes, like shared laughter under Venice's twilight or moments of silent connection amid Rome's ruins, invite readers into the heart of a father-son relationship that transcends distance through the intimacy of shared experiences and passions.


Our Italian Voyage: Through the Artist's Eyes


"Travel Itinerary: Our Italian Voyage" reveals GII's meticulous narrative of daily discoveries—from the intricate canals of Venice to Florence's historic essence and Rome's imposing splendor—offering insights into Italy as perceived by both artist and son. Each destination, intensely experienced rather than merely visited, allows readers to perceive Italy's soul beyond its renowned beauty. Dr. Milligan, though absent in body, is omnipresent in spirit, enhancing the journey with reflective musings and a rich tapestry of joint experiences.


Artistic Exploration: The Path of Transformation


At the heart of the novella, "Trip Report: GII's Artistic Exploration," lies the profound impact of their Italian sojourn on GII's artistic identity. It heralds the transformative effect of merging European artistic tradition with an American perspective, broadening GII's creative horizons and spotlighting cultural immersion's role in fostering artistic innovation. Descriptions of art encounters and moments of revelation beckon readers to experience the metamorphosis of an artist inspired by the journey.


Sketch Analysis: A Deep Dive into Creativity


"Statistics for Nerds: Sketch Analysis" offers an engrossing exploration of the sketches birthed from GII's Italian adventure, appealing to those enchanted by the creative process. This section illuminates GII's artistic methodology, highlighting the inspirations drawn from Italy's awe-inspiring scenery and rich cultural mosaic. It pays tribute to the artistic odyssey, adorned with sketches that capture ephemeral beauties, from Venetian sunsets to the Colosseum's enduring splendor.


Embark on a Journey of Discovery


"Italy 2005 Journal" invites readers on an unparalleled expedition that surpasses mere geographical travel to delve into the depths of emotion, creativity, and familial connections. Interlaced with GII's illustrations for the Save One Another website, the novella not only documents an Italian escapade but also commemorates the indelible impact of adventure and creativity on the spirit.


For those longing to immerse in Italy through the lenses of profound artistic insight and personal exploration, "Italy 2005 Journal" shines as a guiding light, illuminating a journey as enriching as it is enlightening. It stands as an homage to Italy's magnetism, the essence of travel, and the lasting imprints such experiences leave upon our essence.

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