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News + Events 2023


October 13, 2023 - Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan releases his seventh book in publication.

Introducing My New Book: "Suffering to Fulfillment: Resilience and Liberation in a Beautiful World"


Dear Esteemed Readers,


With immense exhilaration, I'm ecstatic to unveil my magnum opus, "Suffering to Fulfillment: Resilience and Liberation in a Beautiful World." This work isn't a mere evolution of my prior narratives; it's a transcendent reimagining—a literary alchemy that melds "A Beautiful World: One Son's Escape from the Snares of Abuse and Devotion” & “God Must Be Sleeping" (January 1, 2011). Far beyond a rewrite, envision this as a soulful rebirth—a phoenix rising from the narrative ashes.


The Genesis of This Reawakening


The impetus for this reimagining surged from a place of impassioned intent: to excavate the veiled emotions and hidden caverns of my tale, unearthing a saga that is not merely told but viscerally lived. As you turn each page, you are not just a reader; you are a companion, walking in my shoes through the labyrinthine corridors of struggle and liberation.


Your Odyssey Awaits


Between the covers of "Suffering to Fulfillment," you'll traverse a harrowing yet uplifting path—one etched by the caustic fires of adversity and sweet breezes of triumph. This isn't merely a narrative; it's a living testament to the indomitable human spirit, a tribute to unshakeable faith, and a chronicle of love's omnipotent, transformative grasp. Each syllable has been exquisitely stitched with intent, elevating the work to something beyond storytelling—closer to a spiritual incantation.


My Covenant with You


As you navigate this woven tapestry of my life, may you discover reflections of your own odyssey. I long for you to tap into that untamed reservoir of resilience, faith, and love that powered me through life's murky swamps and celestial peaks. My deepest aspiration is for this book to act as a mirror—challenging your ethical compass, stirring introspection, and spotlighting the perennial themes of resilience and hope that underpin your very existence.

An Offering, A Benediction


As my swan song—my final and most significant literary contribution—I am offering this all-encompassing edition entirely complimentary. True love is the essence of generosity, and this book, my friends, stands as an indelible testament to such love.


Embark, Experience, Evolve


To commence this journey of transformation and transcendence, click the link below and download your copy of "Suffering to Fulfillment." I am convinced that within these pages lies a kernel of truth—a guidepost illuminating your innate capacity to conquer life's tempests and bloom in adversity's wake.


My deepest gratitude extends to you for choosing to partake in this voyage—a singular odyssey filled with revelations, rediscoveries, and revitalizing truths. I await, with bated breath, your unique insights as you delve into this soul-stirring narrative.


In Resilience and Love,




As I delve into the vivid tapestry of my own memories, there is one truth that resonates at the very heart of it all—a truth that I hold dear and wish to share with you, my dear readers. Jesus is responsible for all of this. In the forefront of this scene stands an ancient apple tree, its imposing stature a testament to the passage of time. Its gnarled branches stretch out like the arms of a guardian deity, offering a leafy canopy that once served as my shield against the emotional whirlwinds that frequented the halls of my childhood home. This tree, I believe, was placed here by divine providence, a gift from Jesus Himself, to provide solace and protection in the midst of life's storms. The rustling leaves, tenderly caressed by the whispering breeze, and the fractured sunlight that danced through the branches were a soothing balm to my soul. It was as if Jesus Himself orchestrated these natural elements to provide comfort and respite, drowning out the cacophony of heated words and tension that too often filled the air. Among the lush green leaves, sporadic hints of crimson symbolized not just resilience but the blood of Christ, a symbol of redemption and forgiveness. By my side stood Sambirdio, a silent but powerful presence. I firmly believe that Jesus had a hand in placing him there, for Sambirdio exuded a gentle strength that provided stability amidst the turbulent sea of my mother's emotions. He was more than a companion; he was a manifestation of Jesus's love, a rock on which I could lean when my world threatened to crumble. The ground beneath us, rich and fertile, absorbed not only our shared stories but also the weight of our fears and aspirations. It felt as though the very earth beneath us transformed, mirroring our emotional journey from chaos to peace whenever we sought refuge in this sacred alcove—a transformation I attribute to the divine grace of Jesus. In a corner of this tableau, the words "For Dad" and the etched year "2021" held a special resonance. They transformed into a heartfelt tribute, not just to a paternal figure, but to the enduring sanctuary that love and friendship could create, thanks to the teachings of Jesus. The apple tree and Sambirdio, in their harmonious unity, were more than just my sanctuary—they were tangible expressions of Jesus's love and care. They symbolized strength, love, and solace, reminding me that even in the midst of chaos, a sanctuary forged from the teachings of Jesus and the love of others awaited me. Now, as I share this tableau with you through words, I want you to feel the profound impact of Jesus's presence in my life—a presence that has guided me through the storms and illuminated my path with His grace. And as we delve deeper into the pages of this book, I invite you to explore the vivid imagery, narrative tension, and character arcs that have shaped my journey, all under the watchful eye of Jesus, who is responsible for all of this. --- This artwork, skillfully brought to life by the talented hands of Gregg Tyler II, to whom this book is dedicated, resonates with the vibrant hues of watercolors and colored pencils. It captures the essence of my boyhood memories in a way that words alone cannot express. I believe that Jesus guided Gregg's hands as he created this masterpiece, infusing it with His divine presence. In deep gratitude, I acknowledge my son, expressing, "Thank you, Son. You have always been 'Your Father's Artist' in so many ways, guided by the inspiration of Jesus. Forever, Dad."

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