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May 15, 2020



I just finished the book The Keepers, Last night, May 14th around 11:30 p.m. I wish I would have powered through it when I first got it a few weeks ago so I could have been writing this final review of the book much earlier.

Never in my life have a read a book timed more perfectly for what we are currently going through during this pandemic, and our stay at home and lockdown orders- how could you have known Dr. Milligan, “Tyler” that the book would publish right during ALL OF THIS and that all of those of us who love you as a person and an author, the loving people of this world, the one’s hell bent on saving one another too and for me personally on not giving up on those who love to thrive and live in evil, who have treated us so poorly and still we got back up and fought for what was right and just and forged on, would need and want to read this book right now!!!!

I encourage all of you who are struggling with finding comfort RIGHT NOW to buy this book and read it. Dr. Milligan has a way of writing that will speak right to your soul and will touch on topics that are tough and raw and that a few times you will want to say forget it I can’t read this because the reality of it STINGS TOO MUCH, but don’t give up, power through the book until the end because when you arrive at the end, you truly won’t be sorry, not one bit. THE BOOK WILL NOT BE FOR EVERYONE and most certainly not for someone who is easily offended by certain topics, or more plainly put, offended by everything, ha!  ALL OF HIS BOOK SALE PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY, so that feels awesome too!

It is genuine, raw, real facts and realities of the world we live in, written by a highly intelligent, so full of love  guy determined to continue to SAVE ONE ANOTHER from the evils of this world, by one SIMPLE THING, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AND MORE LOVE!! 

THIS BOOK WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED RIGHT NOW so I would highly recommend you read it and read it as quickly as you can while we are still in the middle of all of this Covid-19 pandemic and I will call [the pandemic] what it is …CRAP! 


[The Keepers] is a beautifully written book with a few more swear words than I like, ha, but, WHO AM I TO JUDGE THE AUTHOR for putting something in the book that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, it is HIS BOOK, HIS STORY, HIS WORDS TO WRITE AND EXPRESS ANY WAY HE PLEASES.

IT IS A WINNER folks, you will fall in love with this writer and his style and who he is as a person even more after this one. 


April 18, 2020

Chelsea, Michigan

Dr. Gregg Tyler,


I am writing a book review before even getting a chance to read much more than all of the introductory parts. I am sooooooooo very excited about this and I think others need to know about this fantastic book and order themselves a copy to read, right now when we are all still participating in the extreme stay at home order.


Dr. Gregg, your writing style is one of my favorites as you know, for it is your ability to share from the depths of your soul and your ability to address difficult topics, evil and even excruciating pain in a way that everyone can relate to. I am sooooooooo very excited about this book. Mine just arrived this morning and I read all of the introductory pages of it before even removing my coat after walking in the door and having my book waiting for me.


You are an amazing writer and even more than that, an amazing and beautiful human being with a heart as big as the world and a soul just as beautiful and an ability to love not only yourself right where you stand but also any others whose lives you touch. I don’t think you realize it, but, YOU are one of the very things that recently got me through one of the most hurtful chapters of my life when I wasn’t being beaten physically, but was being beaten down emotionally and being ridiculed, judged and bashed for having not only my Faith in God, but for my work ethic and my inability to   lash out in defense and be as evil as those who were being abusive to me with their words and actions and threats to my job and my future at my workplace. Through it all, I remained strong, tough, and true to who I am and let them do what they felt they must do to me, but through it all I never wavered from knowing that I am God’s child, he created me and he is ever so proud of who I am and that is all that I really need. He is the only one who will ever be judging me and that I will care about that judgement.


God did put us on this earth to Save one Another, and he made you extra special and gave you the beautiful heart and writing style to be able to speak to the hearts of those who know you or come to know you through your beautiful writings.


Thank you Dr. Gregg Tyler, aka Twinkie, for SAVING ME and my heart from the evils of my/this world. I WOULDN’T BE AS HEALTHY AS I AM TODAY EMOTIONALLY if it wasn’t for you!!


I Love ya like my own brother, and I so hope to get a personal autograph on my book, just as soon as our social distancing restrictions are lifted. So blessed to be able to call you friend and cannot wait to meet you in person someday real soon.


Keep writing such beautiful stuff and I will send another review once I read the book in its entirety. I am about to binge read I am pretty certain, ha ha.




Much love and respect,


Karen Moore

April 9, 2020

Redford, Michigan


Got the book and just finished reading through Chapter 5. (Ending with the Mr. Williamson story).

I really like it so far, so much to think about and validates for me, many of my thoughts. I do not fear death- and I just try to make a difference in someone's life each day, no matter how small.

The book has made me reflect on my own faults and shortcomings- and how it is by my Free Will that I can make a change.

I enjoyed the "Dear Reader" part very much as well. (And will re-read it)

So far, I think your writing is well done with your views are supported by your own experiences as well as from other writings. Funny I never knew that about Darwin's book- he mentions "survival of the fittest" twice in his writing and "love" 95 times-- that will stick with me and perhaps I will read that book next.

I have a lot to process from the first 5 chapters this evening as I go to sleep and I look forward to reading the rest.

Thanks Gregg, you are a great inspiration.


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