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ABC News Features Marquette Women’s Center Conference and Keynote by Gregg Milligan

October 22nd, 2013

International Author and Advocate Gregg Milligan delivered a keynote speech at Northern Michigan University at the Marquette Women’s Center Conference - Marquette, Michigan.  It was his second appearance as a keynote speaker to help raise funds for the Women's Center of Marquette.


Milligan was interviewed by an ABC News Affiliate about the event.  Click here to see the news video and article: Renowned author details his experience with child abuse.


Milligan shared a message of survival, hope and compassion - while also speaking to the impact abuse has on the world and the power we have to change it.


The audience included students, faculty, social work professionals and the general public.  He donated copies of his books that were sold on behalf of the Women's Center and Harbor House in Marquette.  Following the speaking event, Milligan signed books and spoke with audience members.


Earlier in the week, Milligan visited the Harbor House shelter and visited with those in residence including adults and children.  He also led an open discussion with the adult survivors of domestic violence currently at the shelter. 


The Women's Center provides 24/7 intervention and services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, dating violence and stalking - with programs that Protect, Educate, Advocate, Counsel and Empower (PEACE).  Harbor House is a haven for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  It is the only shelter of its kind in its area and usually operates at capacity.  All shelter and support services are free to those who receive them. Services are paid for though fundraising, grants, community donations and income from PakRatz Resale Store. The need is real and urgent for donations.

Milligan held a rapt audience while sharing his personal experiences, using his path in life as one example of the outcome that can be achieved when organizations like The Women's Center provide support services to victims of abuse. Milligan also tied in the latest empirical research around the impacts of abuse across several dynamics, including legal, medical and socioeconomic factors.


The international author emphasized that when an organization like The Women's Center helps one survivor by giving them a chance at a productive life, the benefits proliferate on an incredible scale.

Milligan Delivers Keynote at Families First - Children's Day Fundraising Luncheon

October 4th, 2013

Author and advocate Gregg Milligan delivered a groundbreaking keynote speech to a crowd of 400 at the 7th annual Children’s Day Luncheon for the Families First of Palm Beach County nonprofit organization. The audience included law enforcement, as well as medical, legal and social work professionals, in addition to local West Palm Beach residents and donors supporting the Families First organization and its programs.


Families First of Palm Beach County assists more than 1,000 Palm Beach County families who are struggling to provide the best possible environment for raising their children. In some cases, these families are dealing with issues of chronic illness, learning and physical disabilities, domestic violence, and substance abuse. An increasing number of the clients are adults over 40 who have unexpectedly had to assume care for a relative’s child. Additionally, Families First is conducting an extensive countywide outreach program to find and assist pregnant women who are likely at risk of HIV infection.


Milligan was introduced by the Mistress of Ceremonies Suzanne Boyd, television anchor of CBS Channel 12 news. Boyd heralded Milligan’s author and advocacy work in the field of abuse awareness, prevention and treatment as the truest form of philanthropy.


During his keynote speech, Milligan recounted his personal experiences, detailed in his most recent book, God Must Be Sleeping and tied them into the latest empirical research on the medical, social, and economical effects of abuse - drawing the conclusion of intervention from organizations like Families First as a catalyst to the betterment of society and holistic cost avoidance. Milligan also lauded the efforts of Families First of West Palm Beach and underscored their significance in ensuring that abuse survivors have the chance to become functional members of our world.


Milligan received a standing ovation after his keynote speech.


Chief Deputy Michael E. Gauger of the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office presented Milligan with an honorary Palm Beach County Sherriff’s medallion for his years of work in the field of abuse prevention and treatment.


Milligan was also awarded an elegant trophy by the Families First Organization of Palm Beach County, reflecting his transformation from the darkness to the light as an abuse survivor as well as his international writing, speaking and advocacy, making a tremendous global impact in the fight for abuse prevention and treatment.


The luncheon attracted its largest crowd in the history of the event, raising significant funds to support the Families First of Palm Beach County nonprofit programs.


Milligan also donated copies of his latest book, God Must Be Sleeping that were sold at the event to help raise funds for the Families First organization. After the keynote speech, Milligan signed copies of the book and met with audience members..


PDF Document

Families First Exceeds Fundraising Goal at 7th Annual Children's Day Luncheon

October 15th, 2013



Over 330 Community Members Help Agency Raise $50,167 at annual luncheon featuring Keynote speaker Gregg Tyler Milligan.


West Palm Beach, FL, October 15, 2013 - Families First of Palm Beach County held their 7th Annual Children’s Day Luncheon at the Kravis Center. The annual luncheon showcased the agency’s work over the previous year, and honors those that advocate for children. “We are overwhelmed by the support this year,” said Julie Swindler, LCSW, and CEO of Families First of Palm Beach County. “With this help of the community we are able to continue serving those who need us within Palm Beach County.”


This year’s event was emceed by Suzanne Boyd, anchor with CBS 12. Keynote speaker was Gregg Tyler Milligan, internationally-known author of the bestselling book God Must Be Sleeping, and child abuse prevention advocate. Milligan spoke about his battle for survival against a depraved alcoholic mother, beatings, molestations and forced prostitution, to a desperate escape that saved him and his siblings. In addition, the Harriet Goldstein Award was presented to Dena Sisk Foman, Esq. for making a difference in the lives of families in our community. The Betty Bell Scholarship was awarded to Sharon Shear who is pursuing her Masters of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University.


The event began with a silent auction, and the students from U.B. Kinsley displayed their art work and while the fifth grade string ensemble performed. Luncheon sponsors included: Benefactor: BMO Private Bank; Annual Partners: Florida Power & Light Company, IBERIABANK; Supporting: Hermé de Wyman Miro - International Society of Palm Beach, Palm Beach Community Bank, Publix Super Markets Charities, Jo Ann and Edward Sears, Toshiba Solutions, Inc.


Blog: Annual Luncheon Exceeds Goal For Families First Of Palm Beach County

Interview with Northern Thailand's largest magazine, Chiang Mai City News

August 1, 2013

Northern Thailand's largest magazine, Chiang Mai City News, interviewed international author and abuse prevention advocate Gregg Milligan during Milligan's 2013 overseas book tour.  While in Thailand, Milligan conducted a workshop at one of Thailand's largest universities, in partnership with Thailand's national Social Work Association and Thammasat University. Milligan also extended his reach to other Thailand universities, churches and non-profit organizations to offer an international partnership in addressing the complex global issue of abuse and the preservation of human rights.“Giving back has honestly been the most healing aspect of my therapy,” Milligan said. “Not overcoming rage, not overcoming denial, not even learning how to forgive - it’s giving back. I would not have survived if it weren’t for all the people that reached out to help me. If I can do the same for someone else, that’s all that matters.”Article: Injustices of the Innocent: Child Abuse Victim Shares His Story

Los Angeles, California (Television Appearance - Featured Guest) - The Ricki Lake Show

May 20th, 2013

Video: The Ricki Lake Show May 20th Episode - Featuring Gregg Milligan, Author & Abuse Prevention Advocate


Gregg Milligan was invited by US talk show host and television/movie personality Ricki Lake to appear on her syndicated television show.  Milligan was interviewed by Ricki Lake on the episode that aired across the globe on May 20th, 2013. 


In the interview, Ms. Lake discussed Milligan's book, God Must Be Sleeping, and Milligan's pro bono advocacy.  Milligan shared the reason for his work in writing his books, speaking and advocating for awareness and education.  He also shared his personal experience and the "secret of the universe - there are no secrets."  Ms. Lake spoke about Milligan's work and story as powerful and insprirational, and lauded Milligan for his books and mission.   See the video of the interview here.

Gregg Milligan Elected to the Board of Directors of the Survivors for Hope organization

May 2nd, 2013

May 2nd, 2013. Gregg Milligan, international author and abuse prevention advocate was elected to the Board of Directors of the Survivors for Hope organization. The organization is in the grass-roots development phase. The organization is dedicated to bringing hope to those affected by sexual assault along with educating the general public and its supporters about sexual assault and its prevention and treatment. The main objective of the organization is to ensure the survival of those who have been assaulted, while also ensuring they know they are not alone. Survivors will have a voice. The organization is founded on the truth that abuse is a Human Rights issue affecting both men and women.


More information will be published when available. Full commencement of Survivors for Hope is pending the finalization of the organization's charter.


Milligan is both humbled and honored to be elected as a board member in the company of others who have done so much for Human Rights.


For more information, click Survivors for Hope

Thammasat University - Bangkok, Thailand (Keynote).

April 30th, 2013.

Gregg Milligan delivered an all-day workshop to students, faculty, and professionals in the field of Social Work, Law Enforcement, Health Care and Legal Services.  The workshop was held at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand in conjunction with the university's Social Work Administration and the Social Work Association of Thailand.


Milligan presented his story and the impact that those in the profession of helping abuse survivors have on those who have suffered.  He gave a living example of the power of one person's compassion to change a life.  He linked his experiences with the global issue of abuse and shared innovative ideas for cross-border collaboration to strengthen society's ability to help those in need.


Read more about the workshop here:  Thammasat University - Bangkok, Thailand (Keynote).

Thammasat University; Beyond Borders to End Abuse

April 30th, 2013

Thammasat University Press Release announcing the invitation extended to international author and abuse prevention advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan to lecture at an upcoming April 30th professional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, sponsored by the Thammasat University Social Work Administration Faculty in collaboration with the Social Work Association of Thailand.


Read More

Milligan Delivers Keynote Speech at Take Back the Night Annual Rally

April 14th, 2013

Gregg Milligan delivered a powerful keynote speech at the April 14th

Take Back the Night Annual Rally  at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Milligan spoke to an audience of students,  faculty, professionals and the general public about survival; inlcuding the power we all have to overcome our past no matter what we've been through and achieve a better life.  Using his own story as an example, Milligan linked his experience with all those who have suffered or are suffering and how education and compassion can be used to persevere and triumph.


Milligan's speech and appearance were part of his work in 2013 with the Take Back the Night organization to raise awareness and funds for the Ann Arbor chapter.   The mission of the organization includes an important focus - that "all human beings have the right to be free from violence, the right to be heard, and the right to reclaim those rights if they are violated."

CBS TV Station Features Take Back the Night Ann Arbor Organization and Upcoming Rally

March 31st, 2013

The CBS News affiliate in Detroit featured Take Back the Night community leader Pam Swider in a segment aired Sunday, March 31st to discuss the upcoming 35th annual Take Back the Night Rally on April 4th, 2013 at the University of Michigan ballroom.

Ms. Swider discussed the history of the organization and its evolution to being a celebration of survival and a conduit to resources for survivors. Ms. Swider highlighted this year's rally featuring keynote speaker Gregg Milligan, international author and abuse prevention advocate.


"[Gregg Milligan] is really the epitome of showing that no matter what you go through, you can make a choice to get through it," Ms. Swider said.


Video: Street Beat: Crime Prevention Seg 4

Newspaper Features Upcoming Take Back the Night Rally in Online Edition

April 2nd, 2013

"Take Back the Night is not just about assault in the streets after hours; it is about stopping any sexual assault. The event is meant to "raise awareness about sexual violence and to give survivors a voice," according to press release. While it may not often be discussed, males are also victims. The rally will feature keynote speaker Gregg Milligan. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, Gregg has become an international speaker and author."


Article: 'Take Back the Night' rally and march to address stopping sexual assault

Take Back the Night Annual Benefit Dinner (Keynote)

March 2013

Author and Advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan was featured by the Ann Arbor Chapter of Take Back the Night at their Annual Take Back the Night Benefit dinner held in Ann Arbor Michigan on March 23, 2013.


Milligan delivered a keynote speech at the dinner, describing his experiences and outlining how education and compassion helped save him.  Milligan thanked Pam and Tom Swider, the local chapter leaders for inviting him to be part of their 2013 Take Back the Night campaign to raise awareness about sexual violence and give survivors a voice. 


As part of the event, Milligan donated copies of his book, God Must Be Sleeping, to be sold by the local chapter with all proceeds benefiting the Take Back the Night organization. 


He also signed special copies of his book and gave one to each person on the volunteer team leading the event.


Milligan was honored by the chapter with an engraved medal and card signed by the volunteer team.


Click here to see a video of the keynote speech: International Author Gregg Milligan Delivers Speech at Take Back the Night Benefit, March 23rd, 2013

Take Back the Night Press Release

February 2013

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Take Back the Night University of Michigan
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