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October 8, 2012

New York

"I just wanted to tell you that you are so brave to share your story with the world. It has to be so hard and yet so freeing to put your life to paper. You have so much strength in you to do that. Thank you so much for everything you've given to the world. You have def. done your part while you're here in this world and no one will ever forget you for it. You have given back to something that is bigger than yourself and because of that you have helped save people's lives. You're amazing. You give everyone hope, Gregg Tyler."

September 26, 2012

Nnewi Anambra State, Nigeria

"You are simply amazing. You are such a treasure to humanity, keep healing de world my friend. :) [...] I can't stop thanking God for ur life, u are a great inspiration to millions of people out there.  Keep doing wot u are doing and help in healing de world."

September 25, 2012

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

"People find it hard to expose the truth and it is obviously much more arduous to reveal the unspeakable secrets in the world of child abuse as he himself is a victim in such a circle of cruelty. Being sexually abused by the age of eight, he experienced the harsh childhood but never having known to give up; he bravely stood on his own feet and raised the public awareness of mother-child abuse to all levels of society.

In addition to his courage, I have the greatest respect for him as he was just a young boy but he could make sensible decisions to defend his sister. He also adopted a newborn kitten back to health and so many more. All these things are touching my heart so much.

As the young generation, the real-life story of "God must be sleeping" by Gregg Tyler Milligan inspires us a great deal. I learned from him to "Never give up. And under any circumstances, always face the facts" and that "Education is molded around a foundation of instruction that gives each and every student a chance to control their own destiny..It offers anyone the opportunity of advancement, dignity and hope". Yes, as a promise I will try my best to become a helpful citizen of society.

At last, I would like to give a sincere thanks to Gregg Milligan for being a voice of family violence. You are an outstanding of hope for the child abuse. Let's hope that the book will be added to the curriculum of U.S universities in the near future. Many students would learn a great deal from the book and especially the message of hope. And along with you, we are here to give back and do our best to make this world more and more beautiful. Also, thank my wonderful sister (Holly) for introducing me this brilliant book. I cannot make this Review without you. All the best to both of you."

September 15, 2012


"Thank YOU more though. You showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I WILL be okay. I WILL do great things in life. My abused past does NOT have to win or run my life. I run my life. Thank you so much Gregg. You are my inspiration and my role model. I want to be like you when I grow up :)"

September 15, 2012


"Really wonderful book. I love every second of it. You are my hero Gregg."

September 14, 2012


"Hey, Gregg. I recently touched base with Tina after way too many years. I read your book (saw the Oprah show as well) and wanted to contact you at that time, but didn't. I guess I didn't want to be one of "those people". I wasn't sure that you would remember me. Me and Tina were best friends from kindergarten until I married and we lost contact. I lived next door- on the right if you are looking at the houses. I was in and out of your house often with Tina, went through her pregnancy with her, etc. I remember feeling a little closer to you than the other kids, probably because Tina was always looking out for you. I remember being around when Jean would say cruel things directed at you in way I had never heard a parent speak to a child and even as a kid it bothered me.

I can't say how your book affected me, other than to say that everything made perfect sense. I was a teenager before I realized that Jean was violent with Tina, and the rebellious teen that I was I couldn't understand why Tina didn't just take her out. Wasn't as if Jean were a heavy weight. But like I told Tina, you were all very, very good at the cover up. If anyone should have seen it, I would think that I would have. You were all very well trained by the 'best' victimizer. Of course, we all knew that Jean was stone crazy, but I could not as a child imagined the kinds of things that you endured.

So, I just wanted to let you know that I do remember your life as a young boy and have never forgotten your family even though I am now in my 50s. I wish you the best and am proud of what you have become in spite of the odds.

One of the things that I wanted to say to you after I saw you on Oprah was "I was there and I believe you".  I read the first book right after the show. Walking through the rooms of your house again with you was beyond surreal. You are a brave man."

September 11, 2012


"Gregg-I'm on the second chapter already n just got it the other day from Kindle. You are a hero to us, and to so many others who have endured the pain and heartache of their childhood. Thank you for sharing your story!! God brought you through that terrible time to show others it is possible and to be a guiding light for the abused. Hugs"

September 11, 2012

HCM Vietnam

"Good morning from Vietnam! I wanna say "Thank You" for being my friend. [...] And I have to say that your book is really moving. Your survival is something to be proud of. I'm lucky to have a friend like you."

September 6, 2012


"A very powerful and moving book...what the human spirit can overcome!!"

September 1, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

"Dear Gregg, [...] I am truly touched by your book and would like to thank you for sharing with us the inner-spirit of someone who had been through such a difficult experience, at such a young age. Your ability to put diverse feelings through words has allowed me, and also other readers, to understand how complicated and confused the situation had been on a small child. Though most of the psychological impacts are consistent with the theories and principles we learned and taught, the book gave us the inside psychological condition at each stage and echoed the human side of the theories. I personally think that it will be useful for the social work students, especially those majoring in child and family welfare, to read your book.  I would like to thank you again for your interest in working with us.


Ms. Nantaporn Aeumwananonthachai

Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences / Academic Affairs

Member Faculty of Social Administration

Thammasat University, Thailand"

August 31, 2012


"...I believe in your message we are truly here to save one another and I hope soon to complete the circle and help grow the message in Thailand and in others.  Thank you very much Tyler for all your kind support and giving back to People.

I have Faith in YOU. Pimmy!!!!"

August 31, 2012

United Kingdom

"Another achievement....well done :)....maybe Kenya could be your next venture."

August 31, 2012


"It's such a great book to be translated in Thai language. I hope this will promote Thai people to be more, aware and realize that child abuse is rampant."

August 31, 2012


"...We hope your book will be widely translated in many languages including Vietnamese. We believe the book "God must be sleeping" will be one of the contemporary living proofs to support the theory of child abuse at universities. Keep up the good work and we welcome you here with open arms :)."

August 28, 2012

United Kingdom

"I read the second book and all I wanted to do is hug u n tell u everything will b ok...I wish I cud of been there for u ... but ur ok nw rite...brave mother has takin quite a shine to u...she wants to adopt u lol... sending u hugs my friend xx"

August 22, 2012


"First of all, thanks for giving a voice to people who may not have the time or means to create the difference in the world that you have.  I admit, I never would've thought to see a man standing as tall as you over circumstances such as this.  

Heaven has blessed you with strength that it can only describe. But I will describe something.  Your music. I must be so bold as to say you are a blend of Bruce Springsteen, bob Dylan, and john Lennon and I feel your Yoko Ono moment is coming soon because I get a sense you are missing that.

It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 34 and I blew out one candle on a small pretty cake but my wish is the biggest one I will ever have in my life.  Please inspire the world and touch the hearts of many, that's what I wish.

I can speak eloquently at certain times but you have a better gift of being fluffy. I look at you and see peace and balloons and rabbits and many tiny fish flip flopping in the water as they sing happy songs of freedom to swim away to another adventure.

Always be well even if you catch a cold of all the realities circling around you, be well in heart, mind, and spirit."

August 18, 2012


"You inspire me to take a different approach to things.  My main focus now is "balance (feng shui)" and once I get a better hold on that then they (my soul mate) will get a better hold on me. I need a secure stable foundation and I believe I'm worth it, and if a man is not able to be on the same page and walk forward with me I will wish him well as I do for myself.

You are a friend that is uniquely on time and my gift to you is speaking light as a feather."

August 16, 2012

United Kingdom

"The second book is on its way...I ordered it as soon as I read the 1st.  Gregg, its people like you that give abused children so much hope."

July 3, 2012

Liverpool (Merseyside), England U.K.

"Well Gregg, I finished your book. What can I say? I cried, I smiled (mostly toward the ending) and I just wanted to grab a hold of you and hug you so tight all the way through reading it.  Both of the books are a heartbreaking read.  I was half expecting God Must Be Sleeping to be a little easier (emotionally) to read, as it started where A Beautiful World left off (with you finally leaving that house) But I found it just as upsetting as the first book.  You had broken free from the horrible abuse you had been suffered at your childhood home, but even after escaping, you were passed from pillar to post.  Never once settling long enough to feel free.

I found it shocking how many people turned their backs on you, after everything you had been through, and what's even more upsetting is that even after all of the horrific abuse you had suffered, you remained such a beautiful, kind hearted, thoughtful human being - and they STILL turned their backs on you. The books really did make me sit and question humanity. I couldn't, and still can't comprehend that any human being could ever, ever put their own (or anyone else's) child through what you had to go through.

I love how honest you are throughout the book, even the bits that showed the other side of you when you were coming to terms with what had happened to you and you started getting angry and violent (understandable) - you were so open and honest about it all, and that shows just what kind of a person you are. You are an incredible human being and you were put on this earth for a reason - to save lives.

Anyone who reads these books, who have suffered any form of abuse at some point in their lives, will see these books as self-help books. They can see that they're not alone. There are people out there who can help, who have been through the same thing as they had and have survived.

Anyone who has not suffered abuse, who reads these books, will see that there are still good people in the world. There are too many people nowadays who feel so sorry for themselves. Who have a bad childhood and fall victim to the world of drugs/alcohol/prostitution, some of the abused even become the abusers.  

But these books prove that no matter what any person has been through in their lives, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. There is still hope, and time to heal and come out the other side a bigger, better person - A Survivor.

You are amazing Gregg Milligan. I have so, so much respect and admiration for you. And I love how so many people around the world feel the same way. If your books have done anything for me, it is that now, before I start feeling sorry for myself in any way, before I start to complain about anything at all and before I get angry at someone for whatever reason - I stop and think about you. Lovely, wonderful you. Who has been to hell and back, on much more than one occasion, who has every right in the world to be angry, to be upset and complain - but does not do so. You are the nicest person I have ever, ever spoken to. And I am so glad that I can talk to you, and have you in my life to remind me that my life is a blessing. I have a fantastic family who love me very much, and I love them very much too. I am very thankful or people like you in the world Gregg.

Fighting against abuse and making the world a better place, even just by being in it.

You are wonderful."

June 27, 2012

United Kingdom

"Your book was inspirational.  Keep up the amazing work you do and fighting the good fight!! Many lives have been touched by your courage and strength of character.  Love coming to you all the way from rainy Scotland! I recommend your books to anyone who will listen."

June 20, 2012


"U are indeed an inspiration! I couldn't stop crying when I watched you on the Oprah Show.  You are a hero of our time!"

May 10, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"The more I read the book "God must be sleeping", the more I am fully convinced by Gregg Tyler Milligan.

First of all, although being just a young boy, he proved himself not only a generous heart but a courageous soul. Truly, knowing that he used to save a small castaway kitten and he named it Sambirdio is touching my heart. More bravely, he is the one who bailed his sister out of the monsters' hands makes me more admirable. Indeed, I am unable to envision how a 9 year-old boy could do such great things. I am nodding to him.

Next, I have a sincere respect for him as he taught himself how to read and write. He basically finished high school and eventually earned the Bachelor's degree from Sienna Heights University. His precious words consistently stay in my mind "I credit education with saving my life. Education was the very first opportunity I would be afforded to become a functional human being and contributing member of society".

Last but not least, I am so proud of him for standing up and sharing his unbelievably personal story to us. It is the most courageous decision he has ever made with the hope of helping the victims like him and breaking the cycle of abuse in the family as well. Being a child who had suffered from homeless, hunger and abuse along with enduring constant chronic nightmares and anxiety attacks as a young male; he is now a member of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). That manifests his unstoppable struggle to be survived, to be normal after such a horrendous lifetime. It is also said that he is a living proof nothing could defeat him.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to him for sending me the book. Actually, I draw much strength and hope from it. I do hope his book will be also warmly welcomed by others in SE Asia in the near future. Once again, great thanks for raising a voice and inspiring a great hope in us. One of his messages "We are here to save one another" is completely appropriate to our present society. Thank you so much, Gregg Milligan."

April 20, 2012

Erie, Pennsylvania

"God Must Be Sleeping", by Gregg Tyler Milligan, is the story of a boy, overcoming vile, atrocities that no child should ever endure. When reading this book, I could picture Gregg, his siblings, his mother, the home...all of it. Gregg really takes the reader to the place where he was, and you're able to see, smell, feel and hear everything. From the multiple beatings, to the multiple rapes, the hunger in the children's bellies, to the desperation for pure survival. It truly humbles me, to know that anyone endured these atrocities. But to know that Gregg and his sister, Lynn, not only endured them, but they are the most loving, caring, giving, gracious people, is truly a miracle of God.

I first heard Gregg's story of the Oprah show, in late 2010, when I was searching for help for my children. My son had disclosed that he and my two baby girls, had been raped repeatedly by their father, for a number of years. In complete desperation, I wanted to help them heal, more than anything. So, I began looking online for help. I knew Oprah had raised a lot of awareness about child sexual abuse, so I looked on that website for information to help my children. As I looked at the various stories, I came across the link for Gregg's story and watched. As I watched, a number of things happened. I was horrified at the disgusting, cruel, vile things done to Gregg and his siblings. I was in tears throughout the hour, and was left hopeful at the end. Hopeful for Gregg and his beautiful family. Hopeful for the future of my three beautiful children.

Within a few days, I reached out to Gregg via email and, like an answered prayer, Gregg wrote a reply back to me. I have been in contact with Gregg since then. He has been a beacon of light on the shore, when no one else was there for me and my family. And believe me, the disclosure of child sexual abuse can be, and usually is, a very lonely place. Gregg has shown me, one can be strong enough, to walk away from dysfunction, even if it means walking away from people you are related to or once were close with. God has shown me, that in doing so, He will bring people into your life, who are healthy and true God-sends. For me and for my family, that is what Gregg Tyler Milligan is to us. He is and will forever be, our Angel in time of need. I wish him and his lovely family, the richest of God's blessings. There aren't enough thank you's, for the compassion and love Gregg and his family have shown to us. My children are on a healthy road to healing and recovery, because of the love Gregg had to give. Thank you so very much, my dear friend."

LouAnn Hayes

[Author's Note: LouAnn, you are a dear and sweet friend - Forever]

April 18, 2012

Toronto, Canada

"Hi Gregg with two g's. I have just finished reading your book with a tear in my eye. You were so brave to write this book and it leaves me wondering how we can get this into the hands of those people who need it most...the abused. I came from a middle class family and the greatest gift ever given to me by my parents was the gift of love. I knew for certain that they loved me and that is what gave me the confidence to overachieve! It never occurred to me until after I finished university that I actually had a choice and did not necessarily even have to go to university. So unlike the story you tell.  Hope to see you soon....either in Asia or this side of the pond.

Your admirer"

April 9, 2012

Colchester (Essex), England

"I read your story in one of my magazines [...] it truly hit me in the heart."

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

April 7, 2012

 "Sunday morning, I continued reading the book "God Must Be Sleeping" by Gregg Milligan. Not yet finished, but every page over, Muffin read every one again before turning the next, felt how deep Muffin would talk to Bobo again in June! Life is different everywhere as difficult as well. But in the end, Love, Understanding & Sharing are there everywhere. I still wish and not stop finding my quiet and peaceful paradise where I can live the rest of my life and share my heart simply!

Bobo you don't need a "review" from Muffin because the book can touch everyone's heart who read it, as itself a natural review inside everyone!"

April 4, 2012

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

"Hello Gregg.  My sister told me about you last night.  Mina shared your book with me and your story  made me moved.  You had courage to face and overcome such misfortunes.  When you appear in public and tell the true story of your life, expresses how you overcome everything, it means you are sending an important message to everyone  that people who suffer sexual abuse are not alone.  You help different people in this world.  People who suffer find you on your site and share.  I think the pain of abuse is hard to disappear, because it was such a part of your life then.  I hope to see you again in VN. 

Take care always,

Tran - nice smile."

April 3, 2012

Washington, DC

"I am a third way through the book.  I didn't put it down until after midnight last night.  Then of course I couldn't stop thinking about it so I stayed awake until 2am.

First of all, he (Gregg) tells the story with such clarity that I can feel, touch (and smell) him, his mom and his siblings.  I wanted to shout so many times ... Run Gregg Run!  I hoped his mother would not return from the hospital after his Dad beat her so badly, and could feel his dread and at the same time his love for her when his sister took them home.   

I may have to put it down until the weekend for fear of not sleeping.  Even now, I can't get the vivid pictures out of my head.  I get lost in the book as if it's fiction, then I remember that Gregg is real.  I am speechless."

March 26, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Thank you for the book you have given me.  I can't express how it means to me.  I think you're great and courage to share your story to people and I wish everybody in my country to be able to read it.

I remember in your words : < we are here is to save one another > it is true . people that you have helped.

All my love."

March 26, 2012

Reading, England

"You are such an inspiration.  Bless you, Gregg."

March 23, 2012

London, United Kingdom

 "You are a total triumph as a man and father after what that woman did. It's sad that people like her have to exist, but on the flip side, people like you prove that evil does not always breed evil. You brought yourself up to be a great person - Good for you!!"

March 23, 2012

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

 "Gregg, I just read your story in Chat Magazine.  This is how I feel for you "X".

March 24, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"I read your book and I cannot imagine how you overcame your unhappy childhood and all the obstacles in order to achieve such great success in life.  You are a strong man.

You have a great memory; remembering everything very clearly.  You describe all things in great detail and at only 11 years old.

I am happy to know you and am very lucky to love you.  I will always be your biggest fan.

Love Always."

March 16, 2012

Marquette, Michigan

 "I have to share with how you have made such an impact on some of our clients as well, one in particular you just must meet when you come! She is also a point of light and absolutely amazing, she has already read your book and could not put it down, you have given her so much by writing about your experiences, truly inspiring!"

Sexual Assault Victim's Advocate - speaking on behalf of a client through the Women's Center

March 13, 2012

Marquette, Michigan

"Okey Dokey Gregg! [...] I finished your book in the car, I am speechless.....all I could think of was how you are the truest Survivor in every sense of the word! I wept quietly in the car for a while, your story was very moving, my heart broke a hundred times for you and your siblings, and confirmed to me how you are a Point of Light so many people need to know about, your Resilience speaks volumes!

I knew the first time I saw you on Oprah; I had this compulsion to meet you and express my admiration for you, your ability to heal, and your perseverance. I know without a doubt we would have been good friends growing up, my heart was always full of unconditional love for everyone, so much so I felt at times I would burst not knowing what to do with it all of it!

You have surpassed surviving and moved on to Thriving and I know it was an unimaginable struggle, but you did it!! You are here!! I am So Proud to have you as a Friend NOW!!

Talk with you soon!"

Sexual Assault Victim's Advocate

February 22, 2012


"The message that Gregg expresses in his memoir is very powerful and heartfelt.

Anyone may draw strength from it regardless of creed, race or gender. The message excludes no one.

We are all connected and have an impact on one another. Gregg is living proof that compassion and love cannot be stolen, but only forfeited.

He is also living proof that when you let love guide your decisions, work like hell to become educated and never give up, you are unstoppable even when effort seems hopeless. Just keep going, and you'll make it.

To publish such incredibly personal and heart wrenching experiences is an act of courage and love; some may not see, others may ignore, a few may even condemn, but a lot of people do draw strength and hope from these words.

We can never know exactly how much good we really do, even if we feel that our efforts are absorbed into a vast, empty, vacuum, compassionate acts always count. You were the first to teach me that.

I love you, dad."

Gregg Tyler Milligan II

February 12, 2012

Arvada, CO

 "Gregg, I just downloaded the second book and began reading it were pretty graphic and very transparent in your first book....just plain raw in this. I can sense your rage and really feel the struggle while reading this. Can't wait to get back to it and take that journey with you again tomorrow....thank you for your voice!"

February 12, 2012

San Francisco, CA

"Hi Gregg, 

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you've done for abuse survivors. For so long I thought I was alone, not many people talk about their moms abusing them...when I saw you on Oprah it broke my heart and made me realize and feel like I'm not alone, you know? Thank you.  

Namaste (translation: I bow to you)."

February 2, 2012

19th Annual Writer's Digest Book Awards

19th Annual Writer's Digest Book Awards

Ratings and comments from Judge 29 for the entry of A Beautiful World in the category of Life Stories


Scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning "poor" and 5 meaning "excellent":

Plot: 5

Grammar: 4

Character Development: 5

Cover Design: 3

Judge's Commentary:

What did you like best about this book?  "I'm not certain how Gregg can use the word "beautiful" about any part of his life.  The abuse he endured was worsened by the terrible co-dependency his mother created: his main worry when Jessica arrived was that his mother not be hurt, and even after he was safe, he insisted that his mother needed him."

How can the author improve this book?  "I was curious about his life after Jessica's rescue.  Did that do it, or did Gregg return a few more times to the hellhole of his childhood before he knew he had to abandon his mother?  I would have liked to hear a little more of his transition to adult life.  And I think a stronger title and cover could do a great deal to sell this book."

January 27, 2012


"A year ago, I never even knew another survivor and NEVER could talk about it...then Kelly showed me your video. Now my career is skyrocketing, on track to go clear to PhD, and have a Thrivivor post through my university which has linked me with survivors all over the world. One of my MSN profs honored me by breaking her silence to me first. Thank you, Gregg. If you wouldn't have had the courage to go on Oprah, I would most likely have been dead by now." “I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

January 24, 2012

Livonia, Michigan

"I just finished reading your story. It took my time with your story, because I wanted to give your story the respect I felt it deserved, by not blowing through fast paced like I would normally read. You are by far, the most brave and courageous soul, I have ever encountered. Thank you for telling your story. Thank you for being a voice, for those who cannot speak. Thank you for surviving and giving hope.


Yours in friendship,



“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

January 23, 2012

Canton, Michigan

"Gregg Tyler Milligan's book - God Must Be Sleeping is a spear of light that ascends through the darkness and leaves you breathless with inspiration and pulsing with the living water of perseverance and compassion - that, when renewed by one's actions, binds us all in its immersion. 


Volume One, A Beautiful World begins with the last 3 years Gregg spent with his mother.   From the first sentence, the reader is plunged into the story alongside Gregg in the depravity of his home.  


Even though just a young boy, Gregg's heart refuses to be crushed by the immense weight of hatred and abuse that rains down upon him daily - rendered mercilessly by the parent he loves and the strangers to whom he is sold.   He finds the smallest of reasons to keep trying - including the pure love he has for his siblings and a small castaway kitten he saves named Sam.   The depth of his devotion remains invincible amid the cruelty and pain - including to his own mother, who he cares for and struggles to save.  


Abjectly neglected and starved, Gregg steals fruit pies from the corner store just to eat.  Yet he pushes forth, through the humiliation, beatings and molestations - even instructing his little sister to hide from the strangers that pay his mother for sex with her children, while offering himself instead - with only one clear objective - to spare his sister.


As Gregg becomes an adolescent, he is torn between escaping to save himself and his siblings and leaving the mother he loves.  The desperation builds and Gregg is forced -much too young - to take ultimate responsibility in a heartbreaking sentence of both life and death.


Volume Two, God Must Be Sleeping, captures the next 11 years of Gregg's life.  The war of abuse is far from over - beginning with a custody battle and facing the monster that is his mother in court.  Gregg and his siblings are made wards of the state and taken in by an older stepsister and her husband.  And so begins the next chapter in Gregg's life.  Struggling to read, write and simply grow up - the ever-present toll of the abuse presses heavily upon Gregg, and new cruelties begin to surface in the home where he now lives.  Still Gregg continues trying, and slowly the light of education along with Gregg's newfound accomplishments in academics and athletics begin to offer him relief - filling him with confidence and strengthening all the healthy parts of this sweet young man.   Even as a budding teen, Gregg reaches out to feed his head and heart - seizing every opportunity afforded - wriggling as best he can around the grip of his emotionally and physically abusive caretakers.  


In a heart wrenching twist, just before beginning his sophomore year - he is ousted from his new home and carelessly discarded to a second stepsister living in another town.   Brokenhearted and separated from his little sister - Gregg finds himself in another nest of adults abusing alcohol, each other, and all the kids in the house.   He is nearly killed by his stepsister's husband multiple times and then finally runs away.  Only a teenager, Gregg clutches desperately at survival - combating rage, depression, hunger and homelessness - as he is placed in foster homes and with abusive relatives - staying at times with friends and even on the streets - gripping tightly to his dream to graduate high school.    He makes it - and then hoists himself into an opportunity at college - severing the shred-like tie with his father in the process.  The choice of survival continues to come with the ring of death because of the cruelty of others.  Yet Gregg will not stop - battling forth through a nervous breakdown, the weight of academic and athletic rigor, and the torment of falling in love.   At the end of the book - sweet triumph sings out as hope blossoms forth, bearing the fruit of Gregg's work. 


The most important thing I can say about Gregg Tyler Milligan's book is it is an exquisitely written story that is truly about every one of us and the connection we have to each other, in this life drawn by pain and overwhelming adversity while being carried up by the loving hands and hearts that reach out to pull each other through.   His message resonates clearly and is proven in every word he has not only written but lived - "we are here to save one another." 


Thank you Gregg for standing up - and giving us all the gift of knowledge to use in rising and helping others to rise as well.   We *will* bring each other Home."


[from a reader's heart filled with love and hope and with so much love to give - her heart is still not full]

January 21, 2012


"My thanks to you are endless. You have been such a beacon of hope for me and my family. God bless you and your family abundantly!"

January 21, 2012


"You always compliment everything about me. That's very kind of you (as if your heart made from flowers and your lips are honey)."

January 21, 2012


"The song Losing You performed by Gregg Milligan is good, but I think Dakota is much better. Love the melody. Nice to hear...good job Gregg Tyler Milligan...bravo..."

January 18, 2012

United States

"Oprah - this was such a powerful show.  I teach Modern Literature at the university level.  After watching your show - I researched Mr. Milligan's story and read his first book A Beautiful World.  The next semester I added it to the required reading list for my class and included your interview with him as the introduction to the book.  His second book has now been released and has been added to my class as of this semester. I have found no better educational tool in my 14 years of teaching.  Mr. Milligan's powerful story reaches out to each and every student - no matter what their age or station in life - provoking deep thought and emotion.  Both books are masterfully written, enveloping the reader within the pit of adversity and the struggle onward to a better life.  The story of his life will strike you to the core and the triumphant ending brings a positive light to a world that is desperate need of it.  I'd love to see you feature Mr. Milligan on your new show - the resounding message in both of his books clearly attributes his survival and success to the power of education - a topic I know Oprah that is near to your heart. Would love to see him share that message with your audience -- it would serve our society well to hear it from someone who has lived it.  Thank you again for keeping this show posted and hope to see Mr. Milligan soon on your new show!"

January 16, 2012

Erie, Pennsylvania

"...there's so much, I don't even know how to put it into words. I started reading GMBS, made it to page 155. So far, it is just like, A Beautiful World, I'm right there in the car with's as if I can see your faces. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to bring you children home and take care of you. It also lets me see into how child victims feel, even when they are leaving an abusive parent, they still love them.  Take care, God bless and we love you all!! Thank you so very much for everything!"

January 15, 2012

United States

"Oprah - so many times I think of this interview - thank you so much for doing this show. I know it has helped so many - especially me!! Here's a man - Gregg Milligan - who spreads a message of hope and perseverance to the world. When I watched Oprah interview him, my heart just broke - but then seeing what he's done with his life and his beautiful son made me cheer!! I was so intrigued - My book club just read his second book - you can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It is SO phenomenal - it's 2 volumes - the first one recounts the years leading up to the escape from his mother and how he saved his brother and sister from that hell. Then - in the second volume - which picks up right after he escaped his mother - you see it is far from over for Gregg - the next 11 years of his life are a jagged path forward - through abusive family members, foster homes, 4 high schools and even homelessness. But Gregg never gave up!!! Most of all - wait'll you see how it ends -- I am telling you, my book club just wept with joy. We've all bought copies -Kindle of course - it's all the rage these days :):) for our  sons/daughters/nieces/nephews -- what better gift than one of perspective and the true meaning of 'Never Quit!'!!! So - I was going back through my Oprah postings and wanted to share this - maybe Oprah will bring him back for her new show? Gregg Milligan is the epitome of a fighter - and in this world - we all need that!"

January 13, 2012

United States

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"This Oprah episode was so incredibly powerful -  I have posted it on FB and have it saved to Digg, etc to share with as many as I can!!  Gregg Milligan is a true inspiration.  I just got his latest book God Must Be Sleeping - I checked out his website and ordered it.  WOW -having seen the episode - I knew it would be great - and it was that and more --I could not put it down!!   Every single page brought me right into Gregg's life.  It starts with his childhood (part 1: A Beautiful World - his first book is part of this as a volume set). Then the second volume - God Must Be Sleeping - tells the rest of the story . . .  his teen and young adult years.  After he saved his sister, brother and himself from his mother's home - he endured more abuse, ended up homeless, was in/out of foster care as well as 4 high schools - and most days - not knowing where he'd live or where he'd eat - he STILL kept trying, kept fighting.  I am NOT going to spoil the ending because YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK!  The ending is *awesome* and you will be cheering!!!  It is a life-changing book.  Oprah - your first show with Gregg was amazing - this man has SO much more to tell and so much more hope to share!!  I've seen your new show and looking forward to seeing Gregg and God Must Be Sleeping featured - Gregg is living proof that WE are waking Him up!!!!  What a light of hope for us al!"

January 12, 2012

SE Asia

"Tyler, you are an inspiration to everyone..hope u continue to write good books..."

January 9, 2012

Tel Aviv, Israel

"My dear friend, I thank God for His creation - you were born.  I wish you a very happy new year."

January 3, 2012

Knoxville, TN

"Your strength always makes me smile. I'm so glad you're here to be a source of light for so many (including myself) who thought they were the lone male sexual assault survivor on the Earth. Thank you for being a voice for good."

- A Very Dear Friend

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