Guide To Life That Will Rock Your World!

Review excerpted from Barnes &


"The Keepers" is a guidebook to Life, illuminating the skyward heights we humans were meant to achieve – when we work for it.

In these unprecedented and turbulent times, good people who want a peaceful life are struggling to make it from day to day and are in need of every speck of hope that we can find. Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan (author of 5 books preceding this one) provides clear analysis of the issues plaguing humankind and the world – both individual and societal – and most importantly, shows us the way out - which is right within our grasp.

He has masterfully curated scientific data, real-life examples, both historical and present day, alongside his own experiences to provide the reader with the tools to ensure the best life possible.

"The Keepers" is written with unparalleled clarity, precision, and pure love that tells you the truth and grabs your heart. It propagates the life-giving compassion and wisdom we all need to stay sane, especially amid these volatile and chaotic times. Dr. Milligan engages you with wit and deep insights, with the care taken by one who has walked the path, learning, struggling, fighting forward – now sharing the way with others so they may also succeed.

From the introduction through the last pages, "The Keepers" is a composition of all the notes you need to play to orchestrate a beautiful life and world. It is a touchstone that is grounded in reality and facts, expanding your mind and heart into the possibilities that are within us, there for the taking. As the author so eloquently says, “Lifting us out of this dark age we are living in today is [you], but not as the victim, but an agent of ascension.”

Dr. Milligan is living proof of this model and calls us all to join in – everyone pitching in "the power of one"’ – and in coming together, we will change the tides of today into joyful tomorrows underscored by responsibility, respect, education, compassion and wisdom – building upon itself ad infinitum. Inviting us all to ‘save one another’ and showing us practically how to do it, one step at a time – something we all need, and right when we need it most. The message is personified in its title and brought to life in its pages – "The Keepers."

I recommend this to book to everyone - it's not just a life-changer - but a WORLD-CHANGER!