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"Don't write a story, write the truth." -- Gregg Tyler Milligan

A Beautiful World  released August 13, 2009

A Beautiful World addresses the harsh realities of child abuse and stands out in the memoir category as bold and emotionally shattering. From the beginning, the straightforward prose shows us a brutal world of sadness and depravity. The narrative becomes ever more lurid as the writer recounts in graphic detail the horrors of child abuse. It is a shocking and moving story – rife with gritty realism, hope and the endurance of the human spirit. The reader will find A Beautiful World thought-provoking and, in many places, a genuinely moving experience. The writer draws the reader into his valuable personal insights, providing a firm grasp of the perils and challenges faced by victims of abuse along the road to healing and deliverance.

A Beautiful World (Thai Edition) 


God Must Be Sleeping  1st Ed. October 3, 2011; 2nd Ed. 2013

Gregg Tyler Milligan's story is told in two volumes - Book I: A Beautiful World and Book II: God Must Be Sleeping. Shocking and moving - both are rife with gritty realism, endurance, and hope. More information can be found at A Beautiful World describes a child's battle for survival against a depraved alcoholic mother, building to a desperate escape that saves the author and his siblings. Subjected to beatings, molestations and forced prostitution - this visceral book heralds one boy's courage in the face of devastation. God Must Be Sleeping delves into the fight through the next 11 years of Milligan's life. Living with abusive family members, in foster homes and on the street - battling rage and depression, he uses the smallest of opportunities as means to survive. He eventually earns a college scholarship and bachelor's degree. Taking readers along his jagged path to triumph - Milligan shows every fall taken to reveal the joy in every hill climbed.

Landscapes of the Heart  released June 11, 2014

Landscapes of the Heart: A Survivor's Guide offers readers a gripping expedition through Gregg Tyler Milligan's personal journey as an adult, which he combines with illuminating insights, wisdom, and new ideas shared from years of experience, studies and work - coming together in a simple yet masterful unified approach that can be easily applied for success at every level - individual and societal. 
Landscapes of the Heart stands apart from other books; Milligan interweaves his life's struggles, adventures and successes, punctuated with his written works, professional research and groundbreaking concepts - leading readers into a path forward lit by compassion, driven by personal responsibility and proven by the examples taken from Milligan's own life and those evidenced by fact-based research shared. Landscapes of the Heart is a carefully constructed map to a more beautiful world; starting with ourselves and building outward.

A Brief History in Thailand:
A Collection of Journals 2009-2014  released August 19, 2015

This is an all-encompassing collection of seven hand-written journals Milligan meticulously scribed on each journey to S.E. Asia; primarily within the golden country of Thailand. Milligan masterfully weaves his experiences into the connection between nature and humanity --- proving the clear, definitive link within all living things upon this earth and beyond into the vast universe. As with his previous works, Milligan pours out his heart, spilling its entire content and meaning into every word. Amid his many recollections and recantations of events in Thailand; the greater purpose underlying Milligan's prose is bestowing within readers a true understanding of why they are in this world ... who we are as a species -- the inspiration and culmination of which Milligan found within the Kingdom of Thailand; "A most enchanting country." Within this collection of journals, Milligan eloquently describes what is possible when showing compassion for one another and nature itself.

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