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Milligan Interviewed by The Monroe Evening News

October 16th, 2011

The Monroe Evening News interviewed author and advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan included in a feature article published in their October 16 edition.


"The very reason I wrote the book was because in doing so, I perpetuate the absolute belief (victims) are not alone."


Click here to read the feature article/interview:  Author hopes to inspire victims with his story

Milligan Speaks and Donates Books at RAINN P.E.A.C.E. Day Benefit Dinner

September 21, 2011

Author and Advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan was the guest of honor at a RAINN charity benefit dinner held on September 21, 2011, which also recognized the United Nations Day of Peace.  Milligan delivered a speech to Western Michigan students, faculty and members of the general public - discussing his experience as a survivor of sexual assault, and the global epidemic of physical and sexual violence.   Milligan shared perspectives from his work domestically and overseas as a human rights advocate - and emphasized the power each individual has to make a difference in creating a more beautiful world through their own awareness and actions.


Milligan donated copies of his book to the event organizers, who sold the books at the event to raise funds for RAINN.   A book signing and Q&A with Milligan followed the dinner event.

Soul Survivor: Gregg Tyler Milligan shares his story in A Beautiful World - WSU Alumni Magazine.

July 2011

Wayne State University Alum and author/advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan was featured in the University's Summer 2011 Alumni Magazine.


“Sometimes, this love returns to the same place and we pour it out again into the same heart for a lifetime, and the heart is never full. This is exactly why we are here. To save one another, and in doing so we allow for the possibilities of a beautiful world.”


"At the very least, I wrote the book for no other reason than to save someone else and me in the process.”


Click here to read the interview and article Soul Survivor.

Milligan delivers Keynote at California State University

April 21, 2011

International author and advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan delivered an inspirational keynote speech to hundreds of students, faculty and members of the community at California State University during the annual Take Back the Night event on the university's Los Angeles campus.


Milligan spoke about his own experience as a survivor and the use of education to overcome his past - encouraging other survivors to keep fighting forward each day to better their world and that of others.


The annual Take Back the Night event focuses on four main topics: sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence.  Take Back the Night commemorates victims, empowers and supports survivors, while raising awareness of these issues and  emphasize that these acts of violence are happening and must be stopped.

The event is sponsored annually by the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at California State University, Los Angeles.

Milligan Featured as Keynote Speaker at Women's Center event at Northern Michigan University (1st Appearance)

April 6, 2011

The Marquette Women’s Center sponsored an event on April 6th, 2011 at Northern Michigan University featuring author and abuse prevention advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan. 


Mr. Milligan spoke to students, faculty and members of the community - sharing with the audience parts of his book, A Beautiful World and relating it to all who encounter adversity of any kind - and the power we have to perservere.  Milligan spoke about his experiences with compassionate teachers and counselors, and their role in guiding his way through recovery from his past.  Milligan showed the relationship between organizations like The Women's Center in Marquette and the critical part they play in ensuring a chance for those who have been abused to survive and lead functional lives - and create a greater world for all of us.

NBC Affiliate Features Two-Part Series on Author/Advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan

April 1st, 2011

NBC Affiliate News Channel 4, KTIV interviewed author and advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan for a two-part series related to Milligan's work and upcoming event at the Spring 2011 Protecting Families Conference in Sioux City, Iowa.


As the KTIV reporter shared as an introduction:


"It's a tough topic to tackle, but knowing how treat child abuse can save a life. That was the message Friday, from survivor Gregg Milligan. He spoke to a group of doctors, nurses, attorneys and police officers. Hoping to give them a first-hand look at the important role they play."


Within the series, Milligan revealed the trauma he underwent as a child abused by strangers and adults. 


"I felt incredibly helpless, so I did not fight them. I was too afraid so I would just cry. I didn't know if they were there for me, or they were there for my mother. If they went in the back room for my mother, I was incredibly relieved."


Click here to read the transcript from Part 1From victim to survivor: One man's recovery from child abuse


Click here to read the Part 2 transcript:   Child abuse victim delivers message to area professionals

Milligan Delivers Workshop Presentation to Social Work, Legal, Law Enforcement and Healthcare Professionals at the 2011 Annual Protecting Families Spring Conference

April 1, 2011

Gregg Tyler Milligan presented a workshop at the Spring 2011 Protecting Families Conference in SIoux City, Iowa as part of the annual professional event sponsored by Mercy Medical Center.   Milligan spoke to over 300 healthcare, social work, legal and law enforcement professionals.


Milligan emphasized the importance of the role each of these professionals play in helping abuse victims become survivors.  He shared his own story of a teacher/counselor in college who helped Milligan through a breakdown in his sophomore year.  Milligan also discussed his book, A Beautiful World and his life now as an adult survivor - speaking out to raise awareness and promote education as a means to overcome your past.

A Book Review: A Beautiful World by Gregg Milligan - Shana Dines

Shana Dines, Associated Content reporter reviewed Gregg Milligan's book, A Beautiful World.


"Summers were an escape from the taunts and humiliation at school. When they were not being soul murdered at home, they were getting tormented, mocked and made fun of at school."


Click here to read the full review:

A Book Review: A Beautiful World by Gregg Milligan

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NBC News Sioux City Two part series
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