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October 25, 2016

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Volunteer, Missouri

“Dear Dr. Milligan,:


I am a volunteer for CASA in the state of Missouri.  They have suggested reading material to help us understand child abuse as related to the children we will work with. One of the books was, God Must Be Sleeping. 


Even though I am a voracious reader, I could only read it a little at a time.  The thought of anyone, much less a child, being treated so horribly, is almost more than I can stand. Several times I almost quit reading it. I did finish the book due to the fact that, even as a child, you always clung to hope.


I also kept reading knowing it would make me a more compassionate person and in the future possibly help a child I might meet.


I am so thankful you have triumphed and broke the pattern of abuse for your family.  Anyone who comes to know you will be blessed.


Thank you for writing your books and the blessing you are to this world.”

September 7, 2016

Mumbai, India

“Hello Mr. Gregg Milligan, hope you are doing good. Yes, I am a stranger to you but writing after watching Oprah's show in which you appeared. I send good wishes, peace and happiness to you. My heart melted upon hearing your story and I wish I was your neighbor at that time to save you from the things you went through. You are an inspiration to me. If you can come out of so much, I am sure anyone in this world can. If someone whines about life being not fair to them, I know I have an example in you to quote to that someone.”

September 7, 2016


“Hi Gregg, I wanted to say thank you for speaking up about sexual abuse, I saw your interview on Oprah and it was really moving (I wanted to give you a hug!). I have a website devoted to helping people to heal from liver cirrhosis and speak with many alcoholics who were victims of physical or sexual abuse. My own grandfather was a pedophile so I feel like I can relate to many abused people, and I still have a lot of anger towards my grandfather and I believe that is part of why I had an eating disorder in my earlier years. I hope its ok with you that I added your book as a recommendation on my site. You can see it on this page.  Thank you again for being brave enough to speak up about what happened to you.  I believe in turning bad things into something good, and it is inspiring to see that you are taking the negativity from your past, and turning it into the best thing possible. God bless you for making the world a better place.”


“8/30/16: UPDATE, For anyone who has been affected by physical or sexual abuse. I recommend you check out this book, Landscapes of the Heart, by Gregg Tyler Milligan, whom I just saw on Oprah's website after he did a brave interview about sexual abuse by his own mother. I have spoken with a lot of people who turned to alcohol because they were victims of physical or sexual abuse.  It's not your fault. I was a victim, to a degree, myself, and it is part of what caused me to develop self-destructive behavior and an eating disorder in my teens and 20s (and I think this is why I have a certain kinship with a lot of alcoholics)! Thankfully, I no longer have an eating disorder, and I'm not going to let my abuser continue to be a negative influence on my life when he's been dead for almost 30 years. The best we can do is heal from our past and vow to become stronger and help others to not suffer that same kind of abuse.”

June 26, 2016

Newport, Rhode Island

“Hi Gregg I'm Dontai, I Heard About Ur Terrible, Awful Story& I'm Real Sorry That U & Ur Sister Had To Go Through That, No One Should Have To Go Through That, Every Parent Should Love Their Child Not Rape, Torture Or Molest Them But I'm Glad U Escaped After A While Now Look Ur Very Successful By Being At Activist Or Advocate Ya Moved PAST All The Pain Ya Have A Great Life, I'm Sure With Ur Wife & Son Ur A Real, Brave Man Continue In Life & God Bless.”

June 14, 2016


"I am half-way through reading Gregg's book (A Brief History in Thailand) and continue to love it. I have more emerging themes from the book. Humanity is still a MAJOR THEME...I am also seeing how therapeutic it is to be in nature. And most importantly his openness to another culture!!! And he is SUCH A GIVING person and also very resilient!!! I’m actually glad I get to talk to Gregg after reading some of this book instead of before reading it.”

June 7, 2016


"[…] so proud of Gregg, I can't begin to put into words the admiration for him.  Gregg has turned all the pain and trauma into strength and love for everyone in this confused world.  I have the books, God Must be Sleeping, Landscapes of The Heart.  I also have A Brief History in Thailand on my I-pad.  I'm planning on buying the book also. The awards are just fantastic!!! Congrats to you, Gregg!!!!”

February 26, 2016

Carollton, Georgia

“Thank you for accepting my friend request.  I saw you on Oprah. I have 2 little boys and I can't even imagine the pain you must've felt at the hands ve been loving, protecting and nurturing you!! God bless you! It's amazing to see how much good you're doing now! You're an absolute inspiration!!! Thank you for your friendship!”

January 18, 2016

Barnes & Noble Online Review

Online review on Barnes & Noble website for "A Brief History in Thailand" by Gregg Tyler Milligan:


"Rarely do you get such a honest, raw and loving view of humanity, unless you experience it for yourself, looking directly at it. But, really, how often do we do that? Why don't more people write books like this? I think everyone feels alone and afraid, but even after a terribly abusive childhood, how can the author write something so truthful that is also beautiful. Seeing this beautiful world through the author's eyes is a meditative experience that makes me feel more human, like I'm a part of something greater, even through I'm so confused and fragile. The author seems to just describe everything the way that it actually is. No sensationalism. Everything is actually simple. I'm thankful for knowing about this hidden gem. I've never read anything else that's so free from the standard social narrative of 'Us' vs. 'Them'. I feel a part of our world if I really let this book sink in."

January 15, 2016 Online Review

Review posted on for "A Brief History in Thailand" by Gregg Tyler Milligan:


"Great book!  Nice break from the everyday stresses of life!


So I have to say – I find it hard to get the time to sit down and read (having a busy job, along with a teen at home and a little one in first grade will do that!) When I do get some time, I love to relax with a great book. A Brief History in Thailand fit the bill in more ways than I could imagine! I feel like I traveled to Thailand with the author himself.

I was struck by the many wonderful-hearted people he encountered through his journeys. He draws a picture with his words of the connections between people that know no boundaries – and I felt a clear sense of being part of something greater than all of us while experiencing Thailand through his eyes.
The last couple things I’ll say is every time I sat down to read, I could feel myself relax while being whisked away to go explore jungles, the ocean, mountains, and countryside. A well-needed break after the days I have!! And finally - many times I had to laugh out loud (yes, my husband and kids thought I was crazy) as this author is extremely witty.

I would definitely recommend this book to others who are looking for a positive upswing to their day – you won’t be disappointed!"


January 10, 2016

Barnes and Noble Online Review

Online review on Barnes & Noble website for "A Brief History in Thailand" by Gregg Tyler Milligan:


"I highly recommend this book. It is focused on compassion - reflected in in hearts across the world.

This book makes you feel GOOD after reading each and every page. I just love it and so did my book club.

I also found it quite educational! It opened my eyes to Thailand and its people - regardless of how many thousands of miles are between us and how different we may think we are - that we are all connected. And it highlights the amazing focus that the Eastern cultures have on compassion -which we can definitely learn from in the West.

You literally FEEL the beauty of the Thai people and the surroundings - the cities, countryside, jungles, mountains, rivers, temples - as you walk beside the author on his travels. You will read this book and feel part of the whole of humanity and nature - it transports you in mind and spirit.

Mr. Milligan is a GIFTED author, and I don't say that lightly.

You will walk away with a completely different understanding of the world and your place in it - exemplified through the travels of the author to a land rich in compassion, wisdom and beauty - awakening your own senses and calling to your better angel to rise.

Keep writing, Mr. Milligan! The world needs your insight and education to strengthen ourselves and turn the tide back to humanity."

January 4, 2016

United States

This week I've been reading "A Brief History in Thailand." Very excellent. When I can't sleep I absorb it even more because my mind is less cluttered. I also feel like I can understand it more, now that I've been focusing on understanding myself recently and also taking better care of myself, physically and emotionally. Very beautiful and soulful work. Reading it is like meditating.

January 2, 2016 Online Review

Review posted on for "A Brief History in Thailand" by Gregg Tyler Milligan:


"A very interesting read.  An interesting narrative on Thailand and its people by Gregg Milligan.

It is very descriptive as he intertwines his life with the Thais, trying to overcome the darkness that still stalks him.

As you carefully read about the beauty of Thailand and its people Milligan also carefully shows the sadness and troubles that the country faces. He reveals the goodness of human nature by exploring, meetiing and going one on one with the Mirror Foundation recipients. All in all, a very interesting read, But not so different from America and its people."

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