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Embark on a Transformative Journey with 'Suffering to Fulfillment'
by Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan

Dear readers and literary enthusiasts,


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Dr. Milligan's remarkable new book, "Suffering to Fulfillment: Resilience and Liberation in a Beautiful World," scheduled for release in 2024.


About the Book:
"Suffering to Fulfillment" transcends the boundaries of traditional literature; it embarks on a profound odyssey. Within its pages, this book is a testament to the rebirth and evolution of Dr. Milligan's earlier works, masterfully intertwining narratives from "A Beautiful World: One Son's Escape from the Snares of Abuse and Devotion" and "God Must Be Sleeping." Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it invites readers on an immersive journey through the intricate tapestry of struggle and the ultimate quest for liberation.



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By Tyler

I. Yearning O’ Lord:

I am weary without you,
Watching for the warmth of your gaze
To melt my cool, frostbitten heart.
Listening for the call to come home,
An unexpected poem stealing a tear,
Unnoticed, until it falls gently,
A whispered caress against my cheek.

II. Loneliness:

I am lonely without you,
Hoping for a light
That wraps itself around me
In a dream.
A broken child weeps quietly,
Sitting under an apple tree,
With my kitten nestled in my lap,
Underneath a sky lit by a full moon—
As if it has swallowed every star in Heaven.

III. Emptiness:

I am nothing without you,
Slipping away,
Caught between right words, wrong patterns,
Chancing upon faith,
Meaningful errors against will and worship.
My hands reach for you,
Like injured birds
Seeking a nest,
A place to roost.

IV. Devotion:

I am only for you.
In this place of thorn and briar,
I still, from time to time,
Travel a patch of flowers,
And within it,
I found my rose.

V. Eternal Wait:

My dear sweet Yahshua,
I have spent my life waiting,
And will spend the rest,
Listening for You
To speak my name.

Step into the Shadowy Realms of Mousatonia: Discover 'The Curse of Pumpkinhead'

In the ever-evolving landscape of fantastical literature, Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan illuminates the genre with his latest creation, "The Curse of Pumpkinhead." This novel, a tapestry woven with spectral beauty and profound mysteries, beckons readers into the enchanting world of Mousatonia. More than just a story, it's a gateway to a realm where fantasy intertwines with themes of heroism, ancient enchantments, and secrets continued the winds of an ageless forest.  


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A Symphony of Kinship:
The Timeless Melodies of Dr. Milligan and G2

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the music industry, where trends flicker and fade like shooting stars, the story of Dr. Milligan and his son, G2, appears as a timeless narrative, echoing the enduring power of familial bonds and artistic evolution. This duo, a fusion of seasoned wisdom and youthful innovation, has crafted a musical journey that defies generational boundaries and reinvents the essence of collaboration . . . 

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ITALY 2005 JOURNAL – A Journey Beyond Borders

The novella "Italy 2005 Journal," reimagined in 2023, unfolds as a living tapestry, weaving together the essence of discovery, the richness of artistry, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Crafted by Gregg Tyler Milligan II (GII) and further illuminated by his father, Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan, Col., USAF, this collaboration transcends the realm of traditional storytelling. With profound love and boundless enthusiasm, Dr. Milligan injects new vitality into the narrative, offering insightful critiques of his son's artwork and enriching the text with layers of literary prose. Born from a deeply emotive journey through Italy, this narrative extends far beyond the conventional travelogue, presenting a deeply personal lens through which to explore the evolution of art and emotion.   

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4.5 out of 5 stars Reader Rating

A Beautiful World (Thai Edition)


4.5 out of 5 stars Reader Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Reader Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars Reader Rating


New Release!

The Keepers

5 out of 5 stars

Reader Rating

SaveOneAnother Foundation

Book Donation

Program Update 

Volunteering with The Mirror Foundation

The dedicated staff and volunteers of the Mirror Foundation of Thailand make a meaningful impact by visiting the Ramathibodi Hospital Medical Science Division at Mahidol University three times each month. Their mission: to bring smiles and joy to the faces of young patients facing critical, life-threatening illnesses and debilitating injuries resulting from accidents. These resilient children, aged 6 to 12, find comfort and happiness in the Foundation's thoughtful initiatives.


During their visits, the Mirror Foundation engages the children in a series of enjoyable and interactive games. These activities not only provide a welcome distraction from the challenges they face but also create moments of laughter and connection.


Recently, Gregg Milligan, a compassionate member of the Foundation's volunteer team, had the honor of spending time with these brave young souls at the hospital. His visit left an indelible mark on the hearts of both the children and the volunteers.


Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories from the Mirror Foundation as they continue to spread love and support among those who need it most.


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One of many projects run by The Mirror Foundation  of Thailand is a project centered around providing In-Home comfort and care for elderly citizens with very little means.


Gregg Tyler Milligan joined the project director on five home visits. 


"The Project Director’s first name is ‘Get’.  I call her “My Boss.”  Get led volunteers through a case-by-case visit of individuals who are currently either family members of the extremely ill and suffering and also those in need of care themselves . . ." 



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National TV interviews

and pro bono speaking events:

Delivering the Message on Oprah


"I have come to know why we are here … we are here to save one another. And ... I will do just that, because –a promise is a promise."

Ricki Lake Show


Gregg Milligan Interviewed by talk show host, Ricki Lake "The secret of the Universe is there are no secrets." - Gregg Milligan


View the full episode online

Fox News Interview - Speaking out against domestic violence


"Let's do all we can . . . to give individuals a fighting chance to get better, to be functional individuals, and to have a happy and healthy life."



See Interview Online

Breaking Boundaries:

A Journey to End Abuse

On April 30th, 2013, in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand, renowned U.S. author and advocate against abuse, Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan, initiated a transformative workshop. This event, a fusion of knowledge and empathy, aimed to address and combat abuse worldwide.


Read more


media coverage and featured articles:

Readers around the World

This section is dedicated to any and all readers who have been a wonderful part of mine and [our] journey together toward a more beautiful world.


If you would like to have your picture added, please email me a photo with any of my books; A Beautiful World, God Must Be Sleeping or Landscapes of the Heart – and I will be sure to get your photo uploaded.


Thank you again for all you do for me and forever showing me that I did not and cannot make it without you. All my love, Gregg (Tyler).

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