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About the Author

Dr. Gregg Tyler Milligan is an award-winning, internationally-renowned author and advocate of abuse prevention, education, and human rights.


Milligan’s focus is clear – to help people understand that he shares not his story, but all of our stories together.  It is a story of compassion, perseverance and hope, found in the greatest adversity and depths of despair. 


His books, A Beautiful World (2009), A Beautiful World - Thai Edition (2015), God Must Be Sleeping (2011; 2nd Edition, 2013) Landscapes of the Heart: A Survivor’s Guide (2014),  A Brief History in Thailand (2015), and A Beautiful World (Thai Version) 2015, tie Milligan’s life experiences and learnings into the purpose connecting every one of us.


Shared with the raw truth of pain and beauty, suffering and love – Milligan reveals a tremendous journey of fighting, falling, struggling, getting up and standing for what is right.


He invites us to join together, using the power of choice bound to responsibility – in which we build a sustainable world of endless possibilities for all.


In addition to authoring three books and his advocacy work, Milligan's most notable role is that of a father, having raised his only son with love and compassion.


After he was removed from his mother’s home at age 11, Milligan began the arduous task of teaching himself how to read and write.


Milligan used education as the key to pulling himself out of his abusive environment and finding his place in the world.  


Milligan managed to complete high school and obtain both his undergraduate degree from Siena Heights University and his graduate degree from Wayne State University, where he graduated magna cum laude. Milligan also received an honorary doctorate from Siena Heights University in May of 2016 to honor his work in giving back to the world.  He is an honorably discharged USAF veteran.


Milligan is a member of the Michigan Writers Assocation, as well as the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) Speakers Bureau; sits on the Board of the Survivors for Hope Organization; is a member of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC); MiPSAC (Michigan Professional Society on the Abuse of Children); The Little Rose Shelter, located in Vietnam; and continues to spread his message of hope.  


Milligan's success is indicative of his tenacity and powerful spirit that have driven his life’s work to give back, believing we are truly here to save one another.


In his words, "Please remember, the reason we are here is to save one another – Break the cycle."




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